What kind of person do you want to be? I know we have all thought about this question from time to time but here is a new answer, at least for me. It is not original but I love it.

A Wonderful Sign

Most of you guys know we travel fulltime in our camping trailer. With public lands closed to camping during this current COVID-19 situation, we needed a secure place to park. We were able to find a slot in a private “over 55” RV park. Fortunately, we qualify.

While walking the loops of the campground yesterday, I saw a sign on a trailer that I must share.

“I want to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am.”

I do cherish many of the signs and bumper stickers I have seen over the years. This one is a great one and worth contemplating. If you understand dogs at all, you understand this statement. I know some of you are cat people, which is wonderful, but cats and dogs have different natures. Our dogs think we are the greatest things since sliced bread. They love us unconditionally and see only the best in us. Wouldn’t it be great to be exactly the kind of person your dog thinks you are?

What Kind of Person is That?

You do not have to have a dog to ask this question. Take a few moments to consider who you are and who you might like to be.

I hope that you understand that you are perfect as you are for this stage of your evolution. However, continuing to evolve means continuing to change. We all have personality traits that we need to heal to become the full embodiment of our light. What are yours?

Remember that your dog (real or imaginary) sees you as Source sees you–as divine love and perfection free of warts and all the things you judge. Let’s all strive to be the kind of people our dogs think we are and share ourselves with the world. Be kind, have fun, and cherish life.


Photo by Free-Photos from pixaby.com