When people ask you what’s new, they are usually interested in what is new for you. They want to know what has changed in your outer world. The better question is, “What’s new in you?” How have you changed in your inner world?

Your Next Normal

The outer world is changing so fast that it is often challenging to keep up. However, we are changing on the inner as quickly as we are changing on the outer. Because the change can be so rapid, we often miss how much we have shifted.

The phrase new normal has been used so much that many people are sick of hearing it. However, it is still the best way I know to describe how we feel after an energetic shift. When we first realize our frequency had taken a jump up the scale, we usually feel different physically, emotionally, and mentally. We recognize the changes. But, over time we integrate the new energies and do not necessarily feel different any more. We have adjusted to a new state of normal.

In this time of rapidly changing energies and faster shifts, we do not necessarily sense one new normal before experiencing the next. This phenomenon can leave us feeling unbalanced and unsure of the progress we are making in our evolution. We must all pay attention to what still needs to be healed and what is simply integration.

So, What’s New in You?

Traditionally, most people do a self-evaluation in December or January so that they can set new goals for the coming year. This is a great practice. However, a once-a-year checkup might not be all we need.

We have just passed the midpoint of 2020. This is a perfect time for a personal checkup to evaluate your spiritual goals and life vision. First, you need to know the answer to these questions.

  • What resonances and spiritual qualities have you been working on this year?
  • What is your 2020 life vision?

Now, you can go into meditation and have your soul help you evaluate your progress. How you get your answers will depend on your psychic skills. Some of you will get percentages and others will get visions or hear the answers with your clairaudience. Some of you will feel the energetic differences in your bodies if you ask for a “before and after” sensation. The quality of the answer is important, not how you get it.

Be brave, be true to yourself, and keep moving toward your next normal. You might find that you are stuck in some areas but you are likely to find you have made more progress than you think. Remember that changes are coming so quickly, we often underestimate how far we have come so keep asking what’s new. We all get there one step at a time.


Image by Gerd Altmann from pixaby.com