Did you ever play Where’s Waldo? Where’s Waldo in London, New York, Amsterdam? For more than thirty years, children have been tracking Waldo, the creation of English illustrator Martin Handford, as he discovers new places.

Where’s Marsha?

Let’s play Where’s Marsha? I was in Idaho in the picture above. Now I am in Washington state. But, is that where I really am? I am a child of this planet. I am a child of this universe. Both of those identities only mean I am a child of the illusion. So, where’s Marsha?

For some reason, I was born into this life without an attachment to places including what most people call “home.” Wherever I spent the night was home for me. I would make people a little crazy on business trips because after dinner I would say, “Let’s go home,” meaning, “Let’s go back to the hotel.”

I began to understand that home was inside me. As I continue on my spiritual journey, I realize that where I am in the outer world is not very important. Where I am in the inner world is all that truly matters. However, where I am in the outer world does have significance relative to my service and what I continue to learn about myself and others as I travel.

The Evaluation

I never dismiss worldly experiences as part of my spiritual process. This life is my creation and what I create is important. This is where Marsha is today.

  • I meet and observe many types of people in my travels which gives me the opportunity to practice and expand non-judgment, compassion, and unconditional love. My heart continues to open to everyone.
  • In my semi-retirement, I spend extra time in meditation or contemplation with my soul and I do a great deal of “volunteer” healing for the planet.
  • Living in 8’x20’ travel trailer with my husband is allowing the smallest, most subtle of buttons to be pushed for healing.
  • At some point I will be guided to change my lifestyle so I am grateful every day that traveling is my current path.
  • I allow myself to live a charmed life and to manifest effortlessly.
  • I am more comfortable with the idea of working true miracles.
  • Of course, I am still working on total surrender but I find myself much closer to full willingness to be in complete Oneness with the God/Goddess/Source.

Where are You?

Now let’s play Where are You? Where you are in the outer world may be very important for you at this time. Take thorough note of where you are in the physical world and ask these questions of your soul:

  • How does where I live affect me? Is it nurturing? Expansive? Enlightening? Is it moving me forward? What am I learning here?
  • How about my work/livelihood? Is it nurturing? Expansive? Enlightening? Is it moving me forward? What am I learning here?
  • Where am I in my relationships?
  • What about how I spend my spare time?
  • Do I need a vacation and where?
  • Would something serve me better in my outer world versus where I am now?

You will probably come up with more personal questions on your own but these are a good start. Remember, you are creating your reality. What you creating and why you are creating it are important to your spiritual growth as well as to your enjoyment of life.

Where are you as a child of the illusion?

  • How well am I doing with my meditation and personal healing?
  • What are my two major resonances for this year and how well am I working with them?
  • How well am I mastering discernment and letting go?
  • What about non-judgment and unconditional love?
  • How willing am I to see the physical world as the illusion?
  • Am I practicing my metaphysical and psychic skills?
  • What can I do to move more effortless toward Ascension?

There are many more questions that you can ask. I recommend simply asking your soul what questions you need to ask, what you need to know, and what you need to do. This way, you will create a more personalized evaluation of where you are.

Where Do We Go from Here?

Where’s Marsha? I am living the outer world life that is perfect for me because I trust my guidance on where to go and what to do. As I allow my frequency to go higher, I am experiencing greater inner peace and joy. Each day I see more of the illusion as exactly what it is – an illusion. I continue to let go. My goal is full living mastery and I try to be aware daily on how to achieve it.

No matter where you are now, you are where you need to be at this moment. Everything you learn about yourself is important. Use that information for your growth and expansion. Use where you are now to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Where you go next is entirely up to you. Make the choices that serve you and love the life you are creating.

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