“To change, a person must face the dragon of his appetites with another dragon,

the life energy of the Soul.”

Jalauddin Rumi

The lower-self longs for reunification with Source but is very attached to the appetites of the 3rd dimensional world. The needs, wants, and desires of the physical illusion are not what will get us home. As Rumi notes, we have the powerful dragon of our worldly appetites and the powerful dragon of our soul’s energies. Which dragon is winning your fight?

Choosing Your Dragon

The lower-self wants to solve problems through the mental body–to figure out solutions. Likewise, the lower-self tries to “mental body” its way to change–to mentally force itself out of the old and into new behaviors and patterns.

The key to effortless healing and change is to surrender the mental body to the soul and to allow the soul to heal us. The more the lower-self struggles to control the process, the more difficult the process becomes. Surrender to “the life energy of the Soul.” Let that dragon devour your worldly desires and allow yourself to know pure unity and oneness with Source.

When we allow ourselves to know the life energy of our souls, when we allow ourselves to know our true essence, the appetites of the physical world lose their power. We each have a choice of which dragon to ride. Which dragon do you choose?


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