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We have all heard that we are One.

But, what does that mean? And, what is Ascension?

Much has been written and spoken about Ascension, which means there are various versions of what Ascension is. I find it is easiest to understand when we break it down into ascension with a small “a” and Ascension with a capital “A” because ascension is both a process and a destination.

We are in a continuous process of moving back into the remembrance and experience of ourselves as Source. We are ever moving higher in frequency until we finally achieve the experience of Oneness and are ready to Ascend from this planet. Each step of the way, we gain a higher understanding of ourselves as Source and what it means to be One.

Bottom line, we must heal the perception that we are separate from Source–that our will is different from Divine Will. When we do, we will end duality and know Pure Joy.

The End of Duality
Marsha Hankins
I spent many years of my own process trying to understand the concept of separation from the Light. I asked endless questions: What does it mean? Why did we do this? How do we end it? After many years of teaching, I have found that most spiritual students are still struggling with the same questions that I had to work through myself. Without the answers to those questions, one will find it challenging to let go of duality and move fully back into one’s light.

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The goal is to know our divinity and live in Oneness by ending the separation of duality.

Marsha shares principles and techniques for achieving that goal in these 3 FREE videos.

Moving from 3D to 5D

The 3rd dimensional level of consciousness (where we have been) and the 5th dimensional level of consciousness where we are going) are exactly opposite of each other. Download my PDF to learn more.

Myths of Channeling

Channeling is a simple and basic process that is available to all of mankind. It is our birthright as Children of the God/Goddess All That Is and is our natural state of being.

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